The social media era has really changed how humans (and animals for that matter) interact with our world, and our world has become much larger as a result. Unfortunately, it’s also made the world a little scarier for those of us that aren’t super comfortable putting ourselves out there. It’s pretty hard to avoid, even if you’re a person without a social media account yourself. You’re at an event, a dinner, a concert, and someone snaps a picture or is running video. Next thing you know, you’re tagged on social media.

It’s really getting to be a dilemma for people. We open ourselves up by promoting ourselves or our businesses on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. We have to be conscious that everything we say and do online leaves digital footprints that simply never go away. Someone is always archiving us.

So what to do? I have on many occasion resolved to tear all my accounts down and go live in the woods somewhere where the bear & deer couldn’t give a crap about my Facebook status. It’s oh-so-tempting.

Unfortunately, it is my goal to build a business, and my business lives online. So like it or not, I need to “opt in” to a certain amount of exposure to live my life. Maybe its a small price to pay if it helps me become a more successful entrepreneur.

It’s a double-edge sword, but in general transparency is a good thing. I’m a good person, with a lot of redeeming qualities to go along with my flaws, so I guess I’ll just have to do what I do. Like it or not, success in a digital world requires me to use common sense in my communications, but also learn to “Live Out Loud.”